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About Us

The Fort Dauphin Museum promotes the heritage of the Dauphin area by teaching and demonstration of activities that allow the community and visitors to experience the past

Explore what it was like for Peter Fidler, early pioneers and fur traders in the Dauphin area. The wooden palisade that surrounds the Fort Dauphin Museum lets you decide what century you’re in.

Walk through history with a tour of our buildings. Imagine what it would be like to be a child among 14 siblings in a one-room pioneer log house. Take classes at the one-room Sandringham School like children in the prairies used to.

Discover what’s hiding under the surface at the Parkland Archaeological Laboratory. We’ve catalogued over 80,000 artifacts!

Uncover special experiences at the Fort Dauphin Museum by attending one of our many events. Check out our calendar to see what should be on your radar.

An impressive wooden palisade suggestive of an 18th century fur trading post, surrounds the Fort Dauphin Museum, while inside you decide what century you’re in

We’ve catalogued over 80,000 artifacts from more than 1,000 archaeological sites in the region.


Home of Chris the Croc

Chris the Croc is a 20-foot-long marine crocodile (terminonaris robusta) during the late Cretaceous Period approximately making him 90 million years old. It is one of only seven fossils of his kind world-wide.


  • Office hours
    Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm
  • Visiting hours
    Monday to Friday 10 am to 3 pm

    By Appointment Only

  • Closed for the Season
    Beginning September 3rd


  • Adults
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  • Children
    free when accompanied by an adult
For guided tours, tour packages, and school tours please contact us